Our aim is to encourage a positive attitude towards attending school, by both parents and children. We have therefore established procedures whereby parents and the school understand, appreciate and support the need for regular attendance.



If a child is ill, then parents are requested to telephone the school before 10am explaining the nature of the illness and if possible the expected date of return. On return, parents are asked to send in a note confirming the illness and period of absence. If the school has not been informed by 10am the school will contact the parents. If parents know in advance that their child needs to be absent for a good reason e.g. medical treatment,  religious observance, then parents are asked to fill in the relevant form 'Absence Request Form'; giving times, dates etc. and the headteacher will consider the request and authorise it by returning a note of authorisation. Holidays in term time will not be authorised unless there are exceptional circumstances.  If you feel this is the case you are asked to make an appointment with the headteacher to discuss the circumstances before booking the holiday.

Please download the form to the right of this page, complete and return to the office.



The teacher takes a register of the class at the start of the morning and afternoon sessions. If a child is absent an accurate reason for absence is recorded in the register. The teacher is responsible for keeping this up to date. The office is responsible for keeping completing the records on to the computer. The education welfare officer makes a regular check of these registers and will follow up any concerns. All unauthorised absences are recorded on the Government’s annual report and each parent is informed in the child’s annual report.



We actively discourage lateness. The register is taken at 8:55am and a parent must inform the office of late arrivals after 9am. If a child is persistently late the Headteacher will discuss this problem with the parents and inform the Educational Welfare Officer. The Register closes at 9 a.m. and an U is put into the register if the child arrives after this time. At the end of the school year this will appear as an unauthorised absence.