Children are continually assessed to ensure that they are given appropriate activities to progress their learning.  We carefully monitor this progress and have a skilled team who implement intervention programmes where necessary under the guidance of our SENCO.  Parents are invited to discuss these interventions at the start and end of the programme.


Children are assessed as they start school through the Early Excellence Baseline Assessment.  They are continually assessed throughout the Reception class and then are assessed as either being at the expected level, exceeding or emerging for each learning area.  This is reported to the parents/carers in the child’s end of year report.  Children are considered to have achieved a good level of development (GLD) if they are either at the expected or exceeding level for all areas of learning except Understanding the World and Expressive Art and Design. This is 12 of the 17 areas of learning.


Children enter KS1 in Year 1 and there assessment from Reception is converted into their baseline for KS1.  Children are again continually assessed throughout KS1 and will then be graded through their SATs at the end of Year 2.  This will again be reported to parents in the end of year report.  Amalgamated results for the school are sent to parents with a comparison of the National standard from the previous year.


At the end of Year 1 all children have a phonics screening to complete. The child is considered to be at expected level or not at expected level.  The results for this are reported to parents in the end of year report.