Our school has capacity for 180 children with classes organised by year groups.  Each year group has two classes working closely together, led by their respective teachers and supported by a strong team of teaching assistants, who provide excellent learning opportunities for children of all capabilities.  Our well-stocked library allows children to develop their reading skills whilst experiencing a wide range of literature.  The well-developed grounds include an all-weather play area and a large playing field.  Each year group has an outside learning space to enhance the children’s learning opportunities.



Our curriculum is broad and balanced to engage all learners; our cross curricular approach links learning for children.  Teachers ensure that all aspects of the curriculum are covered throughout the year by planning half termly topic, linking the learning, to make it more relevant for the children.   Our outdoor areas allow children to learn both inside and outside.  We believe that children learn best from first-hand experience which will develop inquisitive enquiring minds.  This includes visits, visitors, workshops and special themed days.  Parents are asked to contribute to the cost of these visits which will only go ahead if funds are available. 

We believe that children will learn best if they feel safe, valued and understood. We strive to get to know our children as individuals and wherever possible adapt learning to their needs.