Nursery Admissions

Little Badgers Nursery can accommodate 24 children in each session. Children may start in the Nursery from the age of two, however we have a limited number of 2 year old spaces.  Admission is without reference to ability or aptitude and is on the basis of equal opportunities.  We currently have one entry date in September as the places are usually taken at this time for the year, however, we do have a waiting list and will contact people on the list if any vacancies occur throughout the year for January and April start dates.


Registering for a place

Parents wishing to apply for a place in the Nursery will need to complete an application form. This expresses their interest and will put your child on the waiting list. The form is available on the quick links page to the right or can be obtained by contacting the school office.

The deadline for September 2018 admissions has already passed and we are currently full for children starting in January 2019.  Our next intake will be September 2019.  Please ensure your application form is returned to us by 1st March 2019 to enable your application to be reviewed in time for September 2019 admissions.



You may request a visit to the Nursery either before you register or before you are asked to accept a place for your child.  Please contact the school office to make an appointment 01252 837538.


Parents will be contacted as soon as possible during the summer term for September intake.  Parents will be asked to complete an admission form to confirm that they require the space.  If there is no response by the date given the place may be reallocated to another family. 


Please see our admission policy for information on place allocation. This can be found on the quick links to the right.



Families will be offered an induction session where parents can stay and play with their child.  This will give the child the opportunity to acclimatize to the setting and meet the staff.