Nursery Parent Partnership

We feel that it is important to work in partnership with families and we have strategies in place to develop this partnership.  
Before your child starts in the Nursery you will be invited to a “stay and play” session so that you and your child feel comfortable with the setting.

If you have an urgent issue you are welcome to make an appointment at any time.  There will be an opportunity for you to discuss your child’s development with the Nursery Teacher during the year.


Information for Families

We aim to give as much information as possible to our families.  These will be in various forms:

  • Daily contact with staff members.
  • A half termly newsletter to keep you informed of events etc.
  • Noticeboards with important information displayed.
  • Termly meeting with the Nursery Teacher.
  • Policies available on the website and in the policy file in the Nursery.


How Parents can support the Nursery

You can help us by ensuring that we are kept informed of important developments with your child and provide the right equipment for them at Nursery.  The things that we need you to provide are highlighted in red below.



The Nursery operates a free flow snack bar each session, and the children are offered a choice of water, milk, fruit, bread sticks and veg. The children will be encouraged to learn about healthy eating.  

If your child has any food sensitivities please complete a dietary form and return to the office and speak to the Nursery Teacher.



We do accept children who are currently not toilet trained but we will support families to train your child to use the toilet as they are ready. The Nursery has changing facilities and although spare clothes are available we request that you provide a spare set of clothes in case of accidents.