All children are expected to behave in a sensible and responsible manner and to show respect to each other and to adults.  They are also taught to respect the property of others.

The teachers and the children agree the rules of the classroom and playground at the start of the year. These are then displayed as a reminder to the children throughout the school day. There are consistent sanctions and rewards throughout the school so that all children are clear throughout their time with us. 

Positive behaviour management is central to our approach and children are rewarded for notable behaviour through green cards, star of the week and sparkly star which are recognised in Celebration assembly.  There is a playground cup for the class that has shown the best behaviour throughout the week.  We also have a special afternoon tea for children chosen for always showing appropriate behaviour and the values expected of our children throughout the term.

We are working in partnership with our families and would expect that families would encourage and support the school with the behaviour of their child by reinforcing the messages at home.  Teachers will discuss any issues with parents so that we can work together to support the children. If a child’s behaviour causes concern, you will be notified and the position discussed, so that you will be aware of the action taken.  In extreme cases, where a child’s behaviour is dangerous or disruptive to other children or the staff, then the child may be excluded.  At this point, the future of the child’s education will be discussed.


Bullying of any kind is not tolerated and we ask parents to come to talk to us if there are any concerns.  We take the matter seriously and will talk to the children involved and will also involve the parents. We aim to eradicate any incidents in a discreet and professional manner.