PE Sports Funding

The Government has again allocated money to improve PE and sports in schools.  The budget allocation for 2016-17 is attached.

Sandringham School will receive £8600 to improve our provision of PE across the whole school for the academic year 2016-17.

The information below details how we are planning to spend out ‘Schools Sports and PE’ funding at Sandringham School for 2016-17.




Continue to attend regular network meetings with other KS1 schools in our learning partnership.

Sharing of good practice among schools, shared opportunities for continual professional development (CPD) and increased opportunities for competitive sport.

Continue CDP for staff.           Keep up to date with developments in PE and sport across the country,

Teaching staff to continue to develop their confidence to deliver high quality PE lessons beyond the period of funding. For staff to attend staff meetings to ensure a clear and consistent approach and structure for the teaching of PE that will have an impact beyond the 2 year funding. For staff to be up to date with local priorities

For a PE specialist to come in and plan with teachers, team teach PE sessions, take staff meetings and support all the teachers across EYFS and KS1

To build upon the skills staff has worked hard to develop last year through the new scheme and staff meetings.  For staff to have the skills needed to teach inclusive PE sessions depending upon the range of needs in school. For all staff and support staff to build upon their range of strategies and

Continue inter school competitions.

For KS1 children to have the opportunity to enter multi skills festivals within Surrey Heath. The children will be motivated to continue with their participation on sport taking with them a range of fundamental skills.

To enhance sport and outside physical development in KS1

To make better use of the playground, especially the bank area and field area for all the children in our school by having new equipment put in.


We will evaluate the impact of the Sports Funding as part of our normal self-evaluation arrangements.  We will look at how well we use our Sport Funding to improve the quality and breadth of PE and Sporting provision, including increasing participation in PE and Sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the full performance levels they are capable of.


Measuring the impact of the activities provided can be achieved in different ways. For example we will


  • Look at the progress in PE
  • Look at other areas of development such as self esteem and confidence
  • Look at the numbers of pupils involved in out of school clubs through questionnaires and pupil talk.
  • Encourage parents and children to take ‘Sporting Assemblies’ and share their interest
  • We will use assessment both formally and informally following our schools assessment system.
  • We will continue to assess the impact of professional development in improving the teaching and learning of PE.