School Meals

We are proud to have been awarded the Healthy Schools Enhanced Award and realise how important it is for children to start considering healthy diets at a young age.  Our school lunch service is provided by Surrey Commercial Services and these are cooked in the kitchen on the school site.  The children are given a choice of three meals each day which are on a three weekly cycle; a meat dish, a vegetarian option and a jacket potato with a filling.  All these meals are now free for children in the Infant School age range.

Children choose the meal that they want each morning as they come to school and are given a coloured band as a reminder of their order at lunchtime.  Children also have the option to bring a packed lunch from home but we ask parents not to include any nut products as there may be children with serious allergies in the school at any time.  We would also ask that you support us with our healthy message to the children by providing a healthy packed lunch and please do not include any sweets, fizzy drinks etc. Parents are advised to include an ice pack when necessary. 


Fruit and Vegetables
The government funds a free piece of fruit or vegetable each school day which the children have during the morning. Parents are requested not to provide additional snacks.


Good quality drinking water is available throughout the school day at water fountains and pupils are encouraged to bring in a water bottle each day with only water in it.